French Rendez-Vous 2016: “Disorder” and Diane Kruger

Director Alice Winocour (“Augustine”) and Diane Kruger were in New York for Rendez-Vous with French Cinema to discuss their film “Disorder”. Winocur expertly builds tension through editing and sound in this thriller about Vincent, a former soldier with PTSD, another impressive performance from Matthias Schoenaerts (“A Bigger Splash”).

Matthias Schoenaerts in "Disorder"

Matthias Schoenaerts in “Disorder”

Close-ups of a shaking hand show the lingering trauma of the war in Afghanistan for the former soldier. He is hired as security for a shady Lebanese financier. When the financier leaves for business, Vincent becomes guard for the rich man’s trophy wife (Diane Kruger). Winocur has staged gripping scenes of suspense as the new bodyguard must protect the woman and her family from mounting threats.

Rendez-Vous with Diane Kruger and Alice Winocour

Rendez-Vous with Diane Kruger and Alice Winocour

After the film, Winocour said that she is obsessed with dysfunction. She chose Schoenaerts because his role was “very physical.” She described Kruger’s role as a “perfect trophy wife who liberates herself.” Kruger said her character is married to a “much older” man and “locked in a golden cage…not comfortable.” The film was called an “impossible love story” where Winocour said “he awakens her.”

Diane Kruger, who was born in Germany, said she’s neither American nor French unlike most of her film work. Appearing in large budget films like “Troy” as well as in smaller scale choices, Kruger described herself as “not typecast” which opens doors in her career.

Rendez-Vous with Diane Kruger

Rendez-Vous with Diane Kruger

Director Winocour spoke of using sound and music to “express the violence of war.” She described “Disorder” as having a “dark romanticism” and remaining on the point of view of the paranoid bodyguard to “understand what he understood.” She wanted to bring “heightened senses” to the film where the “real world seems crazy.”

2 Responses to “French Rendez-Vous 2016: “Disorder” and Diane Kruger”

  1. Says:

    i just this week saw disorder on comcast on demand it never opened here i thought it was outstanding one of the better films i’ve viewed recently also saw the isabelle huppert/ gerard film on netflix found it by chance so happy i got to see it esp because i saw an interview recently with isabelle talking about making that film and her interaction with gerard acting was very good she did not seem to have any make-up on and both had good chemistry i cannot wait to see the newest isabelle film called i think elles she has received spectacular reviews for her (once again) fearless performance i purchased the toronto fest catalog . a lot to go thru but some fabulous sounding films hope all is well i assume you are attending telluride. have a wonderful fest susan

  2. Just Your Type Desktop Publishing Says:

    Did this come to Pittsburgh? I need to see this…!

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